Welcome to my website. The menu on the left of this page leads to the site's content. Have fun. James Wibberley.

03/08/2006 - I got a webcam!

I just got my webcam working capturing pictures and uploading them to this site. You can look at it here.

27/10/05 - Boing for Windows

After a long time with no updates, and no work done on it, I've made a quick port of Boing to Windows. You can get it at the Boing page.

08/02/05 - Boing updated

I found time to update some of the things I found were irritating me about Boing. Most of the changes concern implementing a better method of drawing the screen. You can get it at the Boing page.

21/01/05 - Boing!

A small game I've written, called Boing has been added to the Projects page. Check it out for a few screenshots, and if you run Linux, you can even play it.

13/01/05 - More updates

I've updated the Other and Links sections, expect to see new content on the Projects page in the next few days too.

12/01/05 - Super-Happy-Fun News update

I've changed the CSS on this site slightly. Also, genuine content coming soon.